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KAT-TUN fanfic challenge

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Welcome to ktfic_challenge, an offshoot of kattun_fanfics community. This is made solely for the purpose of the fic challenge, to avoid clutter and chaos. :D

An exchange-type fic challenge is where you fill out a request for a piece of fic in which someone else then fulfills. In return you fulfill the request of yet another person. While the challenge is running, you know whose request you are fulfilling, but you don't know who is fulfilling your request. The names will be revealed after all fic is posted to the community.
*Taken from writing_kills' info.

KAT-TUN fanfics challenge:
Sign-ups until Sept 20.
Assignments will be mailed from Sept 21 - 26.
Deadline for the assigned fanfics will be on Oct 14.
To request for an extension, please inform me (schizofragile) a week before the deadline.
Fanfics will be posted after October 15.

♠ You can either join the challenge in which you'll have to request a fanfic and get one in return;
♠ you can be a pinch-hitter--write someone else's fic in case of dropouts (hopefully not D:);
♠ you can be a beta-reader and well, proofread the assigned fic for you; or
♠ be a member of the comm, lurk, and enjoy the fanfics once they are posted. :D
♠ To join, please go to the sign-up post.

♦ Read the Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges by flyingcarpet, expecially if you don't know what to do or if you haven't participated in such exchanges before.
♦ All fanfics/entries will be emailed to schizofragile. Please refer to the contact list below for the email address.
♦ Don't hesitate to ask questions. Yes, it's a part of the rules. However, it may take me some time before I can answer, so don't fret.
♦ The challenge is initially anonymous, you can't post your fic anywhere until after the challenge is complete and the masterlist has been posted.
♦ If something is bugging you about the rules/fanfic/unanswered question, email me and I'll see what I can do.
♦ You must not tell the person you're writing a fanfic for that it's for her. (For example, Member A is assigned to write for Member B; Member A shouldn't tell Member B that she's writing Member B's fic--it's a surprise 8D). Yes, the mod is cracked-up like that.

Fanfic/Entries Rules for Submission:
♦ All fics, when submitted, should be in .doc or .txt format.
♦ The fic must have a minimum of 1000 words. Drabbles are generally a no-no since it's usually a hundred words long, and it isn't fair for the others.
♦ Please, please have your work beta'd or proofreaded. Use proper grammar and capitalization; of course, you might commit mistakes but no obvious AND intentional glaring errors.

Contact Info:
schizofragile at schizofragile@hotmail.com [schizofragile at hotmail dot com]. You can also try to e-mail her at schizofragile@gmail.com [schizofragile at gmail dot com], but it is better to use the former email address. If you have sent her an email to both accounts and she hasn't replied for after a week, then bug her here. Most likely she'll reply at that time.