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KAT-TUN fanfic challenge

iP † 하세빈 posting in KAT-TUN fanfic challenge
User: schizofragile
Date: 2007-09-24 16:33
Subject: Woot.
Security: Public
Music:Ragdoll - Maroon 5
I'm done sending you guys the assignments, and hopefully they... erm.. appear in your inboxes. XD;;

I would like to repeat that if you have any *$#@%!1!!!1! problems about the challenges o__o', don't hesitate to contact me at my hotmail address. XDDD;; I'm having a two-week hiatus here at LJ, so it would be better if you ask the particulars on email. ><;;

Well, that's it. I expect your lovely little porn fanfics before the deadline. Um. If you want an extension, just tell me. XDD;; I'm not mean! :D :D :D
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iP † 하세빈 posting in KAT-TUN fanfic challenge
User: schizofragile
Date: 2007-09-12 19:55
Subject: Application extended.
Security: Public
Sorry guys, you must've thought I was dead or what--:D;; this comm still needs participants. We only have nine challengers, so I thought I'd extend it.. rotfl.

If you know someone who'd be able to join this challenge, please tell her/him/it/them to do so! =D The more, the merrier, they say.
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iP † 하세빈 posting in KAT-TUN fanfic challenge
User: schizofragile
Date: 2007-08-25 14:06
Subject: Sign-ups.
Security: Public
Since you guys agreed with the challenge, I decided to push through :D
Oh, and I made a new comm solely for challenge purposes. XD

kattun_fanfics challenge - Extended!
Sign-ups until Sept 20.
Assignments will be mailed from Sept 21 - 26.
Deadline for the assigned fanfics will be on Oct 14.
To request for an extension, please inform me a week before the deadline.
Fanfics will be posted after October 15.
For more info, please read the userinfo.

To join, please copy-paste the form below and fill out your answers:

Name: Your LJ username or if you don't have an LJ account, your real name.
Contact Email: Make sure you use this email account. I shall be contacting you via these.

Characters and pairings I'd like to see: Put the main pairing here. This is where the assigned person for your fic will base his/her writing. If you say 'AKame', then make sure you really want to see it. If you want Kame as seme, then write Kame/Jin, etc.
Characters and pairings I don't want to see: Be honest here. If you hate JinDa, then say it. I won't shove your tongue down your throat or something. Unless of course, you decide to bash/flame said pairing/character.
Things I'd like to see: You can write 'chocolates, Kame in a sailor suit, etc'.
Things I don't want to see: Oh, again, be honest. If something squicks you like 'bondage, rimming, voyeurism', and you absolutely loathe seeing it in fics, then put it here.
Highest rating I want to receive: Highest rating of the fanfic you want to get. (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17)
Other stuff I want to be included: ..idk. XD Suggestion for side-pairings, perhaps?

Characters/pairings I can't write: As always, write the truth. :O There's nothing wrong with it if you don't want to see Junno, Koki, or whoever in the fic you'll receive.
Things I can't write: Such as squicks, pairings, stuff--so I can easily know who's request I can assign to you =D
Highest rating I'm willing to go: NC-17? R? Put the highest rating you can write.

Also, comment here if you want to become a beta-reader.

Questions, comments, suggestions, comment here.

Editson: Extended application because we lack participants. D: Sort of.
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